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Journey in comfortable conditions and health and safety of all passengers – these are the main advantages of all Purro products.


Our main concern is protection of you and your family during each and every journey. You can be sure with us, that there are no impurities or unwanted smells getting to the interior of your vehicle, and the car shall be your comfort zone. Free from pollens, dust and mould.



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But Purro filters are not just fresh air. We also look after the purity of fuel and purify engine oil. With our filters, you can be sure that performance of your car will not decrease and fuel consumption will not increase. If an engine of a car is its heart, Purro filters are its lungs!


We are manufacturing filters of all types (air, cabin, oil, fuel) for all types of vehicles – passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial machines.


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Quality management



Purro products are a synonym of top quality. In every stage of production, we do all our best to make our products meet the strictest norms and requirements. This is ensured, among other things by:

  • production on the most modern, fully automated lines,
  • certified quality management systems,
  • quality control in laboratories and ongoing verification of product deliveries,
  • production in line with industry standards, confirmed with numerous tests,
  • marking production batches.



Purro filters care for the comfort of drivers and clean air in their vehicles, but – what is equally important – are manufactured with care for the natural environment.


We are constantly improving our production systems and implementing innovative solutions, to make our filters more and more environmentally friendly.